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Help patrons truly own their commutes with audiobooks. And what better addition to your digital download collection than this inspiring listen from former Wall Street powerhouse-turned-entrepreneur Sallie Krawcheck? Described as a new kind of career playbook for a new era of feminism, this audiobook can fit perfectly into any woman’s busy life to provide some insightful optimism—just when she needs it most. Whether facing a daily routine filled with honking traffic, an endlessly-crowded train, or just a jam-packed schedule, patrons can find some extra peace of mind—plus, pick up brilliant advice to help them excel—with business-minded audiobooks. (Find more Women in Business listens here.)

OWN IT’s own fabulous audiobook narrator and director couldn’t contain their enthusiasm for this production, so keep reading to hear their take on this must-own title, available January 17, 2017…

“This is such an important moment…”

Ellen Archer

“Every once in awhile, I’m offered an audiobook that is not only a joy to record but that really teaches me. OWN IT is that kind of audiobook. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped recording to let it sink in. It’s been both food for thought, and immediately useful. Sallie Krawcheck is a wonderful writer; engaging and funny. She is a truth teller who doesn’t shy from sharing the full range of her experiences as a professional woman. She talks about how misogyny and lack of diversity contributed to the downfall of our 2008 economy and how embracing and celebrating diversity can be the lifeline we need, not just in business, but in our world. Sallie encourages women to use our power and the gifts that are uniquely ours to make a big impact. This is such an important moment for this reality to be laid bare.”—narrator Ellen Archer

OWN IT “inspired me to think more purposefully…”

Director May Wuthrich

May Wuthrich

“Recording this book at the time that we did became personally meaningful: we began in the final days of the election and finished after learning that the next President of the United States would not be a woman. Directing the audio edition of OWN IT allowed me to put that outcome in a larger context and thus gave me hope for the future. Why? Because it helped me recognize how much work still needs to be done, and in that recognition resides hope and a path to change. Sallie, a research analyst at heart and by training, writes with specificity about our own deep-seated gender biases, as well as how and why diversity is good for society and the economy. Candid stories about her own hard-earned lessons at the top and her well-reasoned conclusion that women in leadership positions acting more like women (rather than “men-like creatures”), deeply resonated with me, and inspired me to think more purposefully about how embracing and celebrating our differences is a powerful means for progress in all areas of life. While one might think this audiobook is geared solely to professional women, it is for any woman looking for hard facts and affirmation of the power we hold, as well as for men who want to understand that power and harness it to the benefit for all.

Ellen Archer in the studio recording OWN IT

Ellen Archer in the studio

Working with a talented narrator like Ellen Archer is always a treat, but hearing her give voice to Sallie’s words at this particular moment in time created a special bond between us. It was a privilege meeting Sallie, who was exactly the person I thought she would be—affable, smart, plain-spoken, and truly present—and having her read the introduction to the audiobook will make for a richer listening experience. Finally, I have to give a shout out to Executive Producer Karen Dziekonski, with thanks for making me a part of her team bringing OWN IT to audio.”
—audiobook director May Wuthrich
More praise for OWN IT: The Power of Women at Work:

“Young women are raised to think they don’t have the natural skills to succeed in a ‘man’s world’. In this inspiring book, Krawcheck shows why stereotypically ‘female’ qualities are actually a source of strength. This book fills me with hope that our next generation of young women will grow up believing they are brave and capable of changing the world.”—Reshma Saujani, Founder and CEO, Girls Who Code (author-read audiobook Girls Who Code arrives in August 2017)

“Take it from the most powerful woman on Wall Street: our future depends on women. With courage, charisma, and cold hard facts, Sallie Krawcheck shows that instead of playing by the rules men created, it’s time for women to rewrite the rules.”
—Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of Originals and Give and Take

“It’s no secret the business world is in a time of transformation, largely driven by technology. Increased automation means that skills like collaboration, creativity and relationship-building are even more valuable. As Krawcheck shows, women are uniquely positioned to succeed by tapping into these skills they already possess. OWN IT is a manual for how women can both thrive and accelerate these changes—which will benefit both men and women.”
—Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global and author of Thrive

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