VAS- Value Added Services

*Starting September 1, 2019, Value Added Services (VAS) will no longer be available. 

Please refer to our FAQ for more information


VAS Saves Time, Money, and Resources 

In the library of today, BOT understands that time is as valuable as money. VAS offers essential time-saving tools for your audiobook collection development needs. From digital processing to populating order records, BOT has a solution that can be tailored to your specifications.

“With BOT’s VAS we get our new titles onto our shelves and into our customers’ hands so much faster. The amount of time and effort we spend on processing books on CD has drastically decreased. We now buy more, because we can handle more!”—Jenny Davis, Redwood City Public Library

Digital and Physical Processing

Because we purchase the rights to use original artwork, we can offer flexible, customized label placement for every title we process. Our templates ensure a consistent look and feel which help to identify products as being part of your library collection and honor your unique identity.

For processing that requires the human touch, we turn to our state-of-the-art warehouse facility to ensure the utmost quality and efficiency. At your request, we can apply CD hub labels, 3M™ Security strips, and RFID tags.

“We have a small processing department with a collection that has doubled in size, so we decided to make things easier by choosing BOT to process our materials. Everything comes shelf-ready and the patrons don’t have to wait to get their favorite titles. BOT is very responsive to any changes we need, as well as any questions or suggestions. We know their product will arrive on time and correct. BOT is one of our most trusted vendors.”—Karilyn Steward, Calabasas Public Library



You are never more then a few clicks away from downloading FREE Brief MARC records from our website. You can locate individual records or download them in batches from our List Manager tool or shopping cart. Customized MARC records are available upon request.


Receive high-quality standard or edited OCLC MARC—plus, OCLC guarantees a full record for each title on the BOT active list and edits each record to match your local cataloging practice.

Our partnership with OCLC means cost-sharing as we work together to reduce your costs for cataloging and physical processing.

Using this service will save time, money and—with Books on Tape’s simultaneous release—will put your materials into circulation sooner.

Why OCLC? 

  • You will only receive high-quality OCLC-MARC records created or upgraded by expert OCLC staff.
  • No minimal-level records—ever! Only full OCLC-MARC records are delivered.
  • Custom editing options can replicate library’s local practice.
  • Holdings are set in WorldCat at no additional charge.

How do I get started?

  1. Complete the OCLC Cataloging Partners MARC Request form.
  2. Once OCLC receives your request they will ensure that your library is set up to receive cataloging. From then on, each order placed with Books on Tape will include catalog records—edited to library specifications—at the time of fulfillment.

Invoicing Solutions

We Make It Easy

Managing invoices from partial shipments can be time consuming and difficult. The BOT 100% Fill-Rate Option ensures that your shipments are delivered with no backorders, thus cutting down on the number of invoices you receive. Orders can be placed at pre-determined intervals, further reducing invoice count.

To simplify invoice delivery, you can choose to receive PDF invoices via email. This green solution also saves you time.

By using the self-service section on, libraries can access current and past invoices with just a few clicks. In addition to accessing invoices, you will be able to see open orders and track recently shipped items.

VAS Contacts

To get more information about VAS,
please contact the following:

Random House Customer Service
email: or call 800-733-3000