Marketing Tips Tips to Help Promote Audiobooks at Your Library

Audiobooks grow increasingly popular year after year. As NPR reported in their story “Demand For Audio Books Keeps Penguin Random House Recording,” there were over 36,000 audiobooks recorded last year. And the CD format is not be underestimated. As librarian and audiobook enthusiast Rachel Smalter-Hall shared, “It’s been exciting to see our community’s love for audiobooks grow…the CD holds list speak for themselves!”

But what is the best way to promote audiobooks and help your patrons easily discover the latest listens available or encourage them to give the format a try? Here are some great suggestions to celebrate—and circulate—audiobooks at your library.


  • Shelve audios next to books:
  • This is the most straightforward way to increase awareness of the format and circulation. Try placing audiobooks in the New Books section, so patrons can reach for the audio when the hardcover is checked out. View our latest releases for BOT here. View our latest releases for Listening Library here.

  • Place audiobooks near the circulation desk:
  • This allows you to hand-sell your favorites and also encourages more impulse browsing.

  • Include audiobooks in your book clubs:
  • This is a positive step towards casting a larger net for participants. Or, start an audiobook club! Click here to view some great book club suggestions on audio. We have Skped several narrators into book club meetings and, as you can imagine, patrons love the added connection to the story. (Contact us at if you are interested in more details about Skyping with a narrator.)

  • Connect audiobooks with schools’ summer reading lists:
  • Public libraries can carry the audio equivalent of books on both summer reading and state show lists. By providing kids with this choice, audiobooks can give some young patrons a fresh chance to FIND their way to books and motivate them to read all summer long.


  • Suggest audiobooks for family road trips:
  • Listening to audiobooks together creates a shared bond and can even lead to a discussion about the story and the performance. Check out some Family Road Trip suggestions here.

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  • Add audiobook clips to your website:
  • To assist you with selecting, we offer sounds clips for all our titles on But did you know that every clip can be downloaded (by clicking the down arrow) and embedded (click on the word ’embed’ to see the code needed) into your own library’s website? This encourages your patrons to more confidently give the audio a try as well.

    Psst…Recognize the smiling audio fan in the photo at the top of the page? That’s narrator Maxwell Glick. Go on a field trip to our Los Angeles studios to learn more about how audiobooks are recorded in this fun video.

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