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Educators & Librarians,
Welcome to the BOT & Listening Library website!

Whether you’ve visited us before, or you’ve been introduced to us thanks to the Penguin Random House NCTE virtual booth, anyone can download the curated classroom collections below and listen to audiobook clips by clicking on the header or images. Plus, be sure to view our NEW audiobook buzz with the Listening Library editorial team to hear about some fall favorites! Read more

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Featured 5 Audiobooks About Life-Changing Teachers

Teachers and educators are some of the most important figures in our lives. Some leave lifelong impressions and change the way we see the world. Read more

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Featured-LL, Guest Post NYXIA author Scott Reintgen shares why audiobooks are a teacher’s best friend

“I’m really not sure what I would have done without great audiobooks,” says Scott Reintgen. Learn why listening to audiobooks is his go-to classroom strategy. Plus, the audiobook producer and narrator share behind-the-scenes details from the recording of this action-packed Hear Diversity pick. Read more

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