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Collection Development, Featured Listening Ahead: Six Staff Picks for September 2020

Start looking forward to these six spectacular books (easy add-to-cart collection where you can create an Excel of ISBNs here) coming this fall that your patrons will also love on audio! From magical schools to magical realism, literary fiction to southern mysteries, there is something for everyone in this fabulous round-up of fall listens. Read more

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Collection Development, Featured Listening Ahead: June is Audiobook Month! Check out six staff picks for June 2020

Let’s be honest…every month is audiobook month in our world. However, we’re nearing the official annual celebration of June is Audiobook Month and we can’t wait to help you celebrate! Let us know what you need! From sharing preview clips online to announcing narrator news or behind-the-mic tidbits, there are so many ways to encourage patrons to give listening a try, or support their existing audio obsessions. Read more

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Collection Development, Featured Recommend more audiobooks in 2019. Check out our spring and summer staff picks.

Audiobooks are more popular than ever. Meet the demand at your library with these eleven staff picks! Whether patrons need to find the perfect book club read (and actually finish it before the meeting!), are looking to tidy up, work out, or simply sit and relax, these audiobooks are the ticket to take patrons from spring cleaning to summer beach lounging. Want to hear more? Be sure to sign up for our newsletters for behind-the-mic features and narrator news. Happy listening! Read more