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Collection Development, Featured Patrons Can Pause Their Stress When They Play an Audiobook

For many book lovers, the library itself can bring a great sigh of relief. A feeling of calm. A sense of quiet and purpose. Perusing the stacks, breathing in the book scent…you know, the typical trappings of a relaxation video. (Who needs a walk on the beach? Give me a library any day!) Read more

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Collection Development, Featured, Featured Titles Audiobooks to Revolutionize Resolutions

In addition to warming your ears (headphones make excellent earmuffs, after all!), audiobooks can keep patrons motivated as they head into a new year, whether resolving to work out, get crafty with coloring books or knitting needles, cook up a storm in the kitchen, or travel. Check out our New Year’s resolution recommendations to keep you and your patrons entertained and inspired this season. Read more

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