Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Featured, Featured Titles, Guest Post Camille Aubray talks about COOKING FOR PICASSO: Listening to all the distinctive voices in my novel: Picasso, a French girl, an American grand-daughter, and an English chef

by Camille Aubray

Someone once told me that every voice you’ve heard, every path you’ve walked and every meal you’ve eaten gets absorbed into your very “cells” and becomes part of who you are. But most of the time, people are so busy living their lives that they aren’t consciously aware of these lingering experiences. Until, like Proust, you bite into that madeleine and suddenly your childhood comes flooding back to you; or you hear an old song and suddenly you’re sixteen years old and madly in love for the first time. Read more

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Featured, Featured Titles Wish you could press pause on summer? Tackle summer TBR lists with audiobooks!

It’s that time of year when all of us tend to say, “Where has the summer gone? How is it flying by so quickly?!” And if you’re a librarian or book-lover, a common complaint is: “But I still have so many summer reads on my list!” Remind patrons that audiobooks can help. Read more

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Guest Post An Author’s Ear: Jill Alexander Essbaum on listening to HAUSFRAU

The minute I knew that the production team had put the spit-polish to my audiobook I was on them, begging for a copy like a beagle for her Milk-Bone. As it were, I didn’t need to have nagged: it was given freely and gladly. Wherewith upon receipt I immediately unzipped the files and transferred them to my iPod. Press play? Hell yes. Read more

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