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In addition to warming your ears (headphones make excellent earmuffs, after all!), audiobooks can keep patrons motivated as they head into a new year, whether resolving to work out, get crafty with coloring books or knitting needles, cook up a storm in the kitchen, or travel. Check out our New Year’s resolution recommendations to keep you and your patrons entertained and inspired this season. Read more

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In The Studio, Video LISTEN IN: “How To Check Out a Library Book Like a Grown-Ass Lady” from the author of AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE

Booklist’s starred review for AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE says, “[Helen] Ellis’s 12 short stories about women under pressure are archly, acerbically, even surreally hilarious. By extracting elements from the southern gothic tradition, Shirley Jackson, and Margaret Atwood, Ellis has forged her own molten, mind-twisting storytelling mode.” It’s also now a LibraryReads Pick (“it is pretty hilarious, in the darkest, most twisted of ways.”) and received a starred review from Library Journal (“Anyone who has ever contemplated having a drawer specifically for glitter or has felt awkwardly settled into the domestic life will appreciate this not-to-be-missed collection.”)! Read more

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