Marketing Tips, Promotions & Events Fodor’s Travel Display Contest: Request FREE poster

***Thanks for your interest in our Fodor’s contest! Our promotion has ended as of 1/1/15 and a winner will be announced shortly.***
Want to upgrade your library’s travel section? Request your FREE “Let Your Library Card Be Your Passport” poster to use in an inspired and creative display…it could be your ticket to WIN a collection of twenty-five bestselling Fodor’s travel guides for your library! Read more

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Promotions & Events Speak the Words of Summer Travel with Living Language

UPDATED January 2015:Thank you for your interest in Living Language. Please note this promotion has ended but while we no longer offer the programs listed below, Living Language digital programs are now available to libraries. For more information, please visit

Prepare your patrons for summer travel—no matter where they’re headed! Read more

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