LibraryReads May 2018
Awards & Recognition, Featured, Featured Titles May’s LibraryReads Picks Make Fantastic Listens

From YA fantasy to historical fiction to psychological thriller, May’s LibraryReads picks are perfect for a variety of book lovers. Not only do they all make great reads, but they also all make great listens. So, make sure to have the audios on hand so your patrons can enjoy these titles right away! Read more

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Featured-LL, Guest Post “I needed to hear their voices.” Author Sabaa Tahir on her audiobook AN EMBER IN THE ASHES

While writing my young adult fantasy novel, AN EMBER IN THE ASHES, I saw my characters in my head: faces, movement, actions. But while visuals were an essential part of my writing process, I needed more if I wanted to delve into the souls of my characters. I needed to hear their voices. Many times, when trying to connect with what my characters were feeling, I closed my eyes and listened until I could hear what they had to say. Read more

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