Featured Titles, Featured-LL Realistic YA Fall Fiction Round-Up

There really is no typical high school story—every tale is different—and there’s no better way to discover the variety of experiences than through realistic young-adult fiction. Ranging from thrilling suspense revolving around friendship, to heartbreaking stories of young people reacting to loss, all of these stories make great listens. Teenagers have to deal with more in life than just tests and cute classmates: these audiobooks are jumping-off points for deeper discussion.

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Promotions & Events, Promotions & Events NYC-area Educators: RSVP to Penguin Random House Teacher Event

Tri-state area teachers are in for a treat. This coming Columbus Day, Monday, October 13, from 1–4 pm, educators, bestselling authors, and even an award-winning audiobook narrator, will come together for the 6th Annual Penguin Random House Teacher Event! Read more

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