Featured, In The Studio, Interview In the Studio: Brandi Carlile Narrates Her Memoir BROKEN HORSES

Six-time Grammy Award–winning singer, songwriter, performer, and producer Brandi Carlile has been telling stories through her songs for decades, and now fans can hear her heartfelt audiobook narration of her memoir, BROKEN HORSES (Books on Tape; on sale now). Read more

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Featured, Featured Titles, In The Studio, Interview Narrator Spotlight: Cate Blanchet Joins Author Lauren Hough to Narrate LEAVING ISN’T THE HARDEST THING

Academy Award®-winning actor, producer and humanitarian Cate Blanchett joins author Lauren Hough in narrating the audiobook edition of Hough’s Leaving Isn’t the Hardest Thing (Books on Tape, on sale April 13, 2021), Read more

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