Featured Titles, Guest Post Spanish on the Job for Librarians—How Living Language can empower you to better serve your patrons.

Do you live in a community with a sizeable Spanish-speaking population? Developed by librarians and language experts, Living Language’s Spanish on the Job for Librarians is an essential tool for reaching out and communicating with your Spanish-speaking patrons and developing your library sciences career. This course can be made available to your community and library colleagues via Living Language for Libraries. It’s FREE with any Living Language for libraries sign-up, regardless of the package you choose. Learn more about our bestselling digital programs and how we can serve your library’s language needs here.

Topics covered include:

  • Welcoming New Patrons
  • Getting To Know The Library
  • Accessing Digital Resources
  • Programs At The Library
  • Information For Newcomers To The Area
  • Each lesson contains flashcards teaching the most useful library-specific vocabulary related to the lesson topic, multiple grammar notes summarizing basic grammar, a topical dialogue, and multiple interactive games to help test your knowledge of the Spanish language you’ve learned.

    LoidaGarcia-Febo_colorInternational Library Consultant, Loida Garcia-Febo shares more about why Spanish on the Job for Librarians is a much-needed resource:

    Libraries are the heart of communities across the United States. They are visited by people from all backgrounds and walks of life who seek to enrich their lives, access information about health, use computers to apply for jobs, and attend informational programs.

    Latinos are the largest minority group in the USA. There are 54 million of Hispanics or Latinos in the nation which constitutes 17% of the total population.* About 38 million Hispanics 5 years and older speak Spanish at home. A significant number of them may visit libraries to use their collections or services and to enjoy their programs. Library workers speaking their language would help to build a library community that welcomes these populations.

    Using Spanish to welcome new patrons, help them get to know the library, demonstrate how to access digital resources, and sign up for programs could make a difference in the way libraries are perceived by the community and may increase the number of patrons visiting the library. Explaining services for immigrants and how things work in their new city in Spanish could be a life saver for newcomers trying to adapt to life in the USA.

    Spanish on the Job for Librarians is a much-needed resource to empower library workers to meet the needs of Spanish speakers in their communities. Spanish on the Job for Librarians contributes to a welcoming environment that would enable libraries to strengthen relationships with their communities.

    —Loida Garcia-Febo


    Loida Garcia-Febo‘s areas of expertise include diverse and multi-ethnic groups, human rights, access to information, advocacy, and continuing professional development which she has taught in 19 countries in five continents, and about which she has given interviews to global media outlets. She is President of Information New Wave, an international charity seeking to enhance the education of minority groups in the USA and in developing countries.
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