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Featured Titles Shop ‘Til you Drop(-In)! SHOPAHOLIC TO THE RESCUE by Sophie Kinsella

Just in time for holiday road trips and dare we say it…holiday traffic jams?!…Sophie Kinsella is back to rescue your patrons during the busiest shopping season of the year with SHOPAHOLIC TO THE RESCUE. And to make this even more perfect for audio, beloved character Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) is on a hilarious road trip herself through the American West to Las Vegas. And all bets are on this audiobook as another big winner for Kinsella when it goes on sale on October 27, 2015.

Sophie Kinsella

Be sure to check those holds and make sure this Fall ’15 BOT Drop In wasn’t missed on your own shopping lists. Longtime fans of the Shopaholic series will be itching to go on another spree with Becky—especially as read by brilliant British actress Clare Corbett. She was THE girl of this year’s runaway hit audiobook, The Girl on the Train, and she received rave reviews for Kinsella’s previous Shopaholic outing, Shopaholic to the Stars.

Get ready to laugh out loud with a clip of

Narrator Clare Corbett

Praise for Clare Corbett:
Portraying Becky with a smart British accent, Corbett has as much fun as Kinsella…Corbett’s reading effortlessly depicts the range of Becky’s moods, from the saddened, chastened Becky to the impulsive, rationalizing Becky, justifying her latest shopping binge. Kinsella’s latest blends Bridget Jones with comic-icon Lucille Ball in an irresistible romp, filled with pratfalls, pathos, and laugh-out-loud moments.”Booklist, starred review
(Shopaholic to the Stars)

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