Awards & Recognition #1 September LibraryReads’ LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE captures you “from the very first sentence!”

September’s incredible LibraryReads selections include a #1 pick from Celeste Ng, a diverse YA listen by bestselling author Kristin Cashore, and more! Hear clips and find out why these picks make great listens.

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LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHEREfavorite_libraryreads
By Celeste Ng
Read by Jennifer Lim


LibraryReads review: LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE delves into family relationships and what parenthood, either biological or by adoption, means. We follow the members of two families living in the idyllic, perfectly-planned suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio: Mia and Pearl, a mother and daughter living a less traditional lifestyle, moving from town to town every few months, and the Richardsons, the perfect nuclear family in the perfect suburb…until Izzy Richardson burns her family home down. Ng’s superpower is her ability to pull you into her books from the very first sentence!”— Emma DeLooze-Klein, Kirkwood Public Library, Kirkwood, MO

Why try the audio? Celeste Ng’s ability to dive deeply into the makeup of a small town will resonate with many listeners. Narrator Jennifer Lim manages to skillfully highlight all the subtle nuances of characters and explore how that ends up dividing the town. Ng explores all aspects of what makes up a community and how even the best-laid plans can end up going horribly wrong.


“Laden with themes of loyalty and betrayal, honesty and trust, her latest tour de force should prove no less popular.” — Booklist (starred review)

“Shaker Heights native Ng writes what she knows into a magnificent, multilayered epic that’s perfect for eager readers and destined for major award lists.” — Library Journal (starred review)

“…Ng explores the complexities of adoption, surrogacy, abortion, privacy, and class, questioning all the while who earns, who claims, and who loses the right to be called a mother. This is an impressive accomplishment.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“With her second novel, Ng further proves she’s a sensitive, insightful writer with a striking ability to illuminate life in America.” — Kirkus (starred review)

By Kristin Cashore
Read by Rebecca Soler


LibraryReads review: “A chance encounter with former tutor Kiran Thrash enables Jane, an umbrella-crafter and college dropout, to fulfill a promise to her beloved late Aunt Magnolia—to accept an invitation to visit the mysterious Thrash family home, Tu Reviens. During her visit, Jane reaches a seemingly insignificant moment in time where one action will branch her off into different futures. Each choice results in a different path for Jane that takes her far beyond her previously ordinary life. An ambitious, complex offering with diverse characters from the author of the Graceling series.” — Pearl Derlaga, York County Library System, Yorktown, VA

Why try the audio?  Kristen Cashore, known for her Graceling series (Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue), is back with another well crafted story that deals with grief, adventure, and finding yourself. Audiofile Earphones Award Winner Rebecca Soler manages to portray all the emotions going through Jane with a finesse that allows the listeners to truly feel connected with the character.

 Advance praise for JANE, UNLIMITED:

“Absolutely addictive and fascinating, JANE UNLIMITED is storytelling at its best. Filled with spies, stolen artwork, cute dinosaurs, new worlds, and delicious romance.”—Marie Rutkoski, author of The Winner’s Curse trilogy

“An extraordinary feat.”—Cathy Berner, bookseller at Blue Willow Books

“An insanely imaginative story. Absolutely stellar!”—Kym Havens, An Unlikely Story

“It touches on every book you’ve ever read but manages to be unlike any of them.”—Amy Brabenec, Brookline Booksmith

“Once again, the brilliant Kristin Cashore has created a mesmerizing, unforgettable world.”—Gretchen Rubin, bestselling author of Better Than Before

“Creation, compassion, and choice repeatedly emerge as themes in this ambitious, mind-expanding novel.” —Booklist

“This excellent, genre-bending title is a great pick for teens looking for something challenging to take them off the well-beaten path of standard YA fare.” — School Library Journal (starred)

“An ambitious departure for Cashore that will reward (and perhaps demand) many re-readings.” — Publishers Weekly

By Jamie Ford
Read by the Author and Emily Woo Zeller


LibraryReads review:  “Ford excels at historical fiction, especially set in the Pacific Northwest. In this tale, the reader follows the life of Ernest Young, experiencing the early 1900s in Seattle. He is raffled off in the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exhibition. The story then follows adult Ernest as the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair opens. Rich with historical detail and touching on a time period not widely known (the wilds of Seattle’s early days), this moving story comes together and draws the reader in.” — Alissa Williams, Morton Public Library, Morton, IL

 Why try the audio? New York Times bestselling author Jamie Ford is back with a novel inspired by a true story whose life is transformed at Seattle’s 1909 World’s Fair. Narrator Emily Woo Zeller captures the range of emotions that twelve-year old Ernest Young experiences — from the joy of attending the fair, the surprise of learning he’s being raffled, and the friendship he ends up forming with the madam of a high-class brothel. This is a wonderful listen of a tale of true friendship and family, and what Ernest and his new found friends will do when their world filled with exquisite things begins to collapse.


“A gripping story about the unpredictability of life–particularly the life of an immigrant; the poignancy of surviving; and above all, the incredible power of love to heal even the most shameful wounds. Jamie Ford has created a fascinating world, bookended by Seattle’s two World Fairs, and peopled it with colorful, brave characters we care deeply about in this masterful job of storytelling.”— Melanie BenjaminNew York Times bestselling author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue and the upcoming The Girls in the Picture

“If your book club wants to fall in love with a novel, look no further than LOVE AND OTHER CONSOLATION PRIZES. This is an evocative, heartfelt, beautifully crafted story that shines a light on a fascinating, tragic bit of forgotten history. Jamie Ford at his storytelling best.” — Kristin Hannah, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale

“Ford is a master at shining light into dark, forgotten corners of history and revealing the most unexpected and relatable human threads. Love and Other Consolation Prizes is a beautiful and enthralling story of resilience and the many permutations of love.” — Jessica Shattuck, New York Times bestselling author of The Women in the Castle

“A lively history of romance in the dens of iniquity, love despite vice.” — Kirkus

By Holly Goddard Jones
Read by Hillary Huber


LibraryReads review: “This dystopian novel describes a future in which a tick infestation has driven humanity to barricade itself in a series of safe zones. A thrilling plot involves a group of wealthy individuals on an extreme adventure trip that doesn’t go as planned. Through chapters written from their viewpoints, the reader comes to sympathize with and understand the motivations of the people involved. While telling a story involving hostage taking, drug smuggling and the search for a solution to the bug problem, the novel raises the question of what we are willing to sacrifice for safety.” —Michelle Geyer, Durham County Public Library, Durham, NC

 Why try the audio? Along the vein of Station Eleven, Holly Goddard Jones’ THE SALT LINE is a literary dystopian that enthrall fans of science fiction, literary classics, and all in-between. With Hillary Huber’s excellent narrations, listeners are able to comprehend why adrenaline junkies would decide to cross the deadly salt line and travel into nature. The way the ticks are described only help to fuel the creepy, unsettling nature of this story, and Huber helps to give the listeners the feeling of being trapped in the situation themselves.

Advance praise for THE SALT LINE:

“Jones’ darkly clever worldbuilding creates a nightmare that seems far from unthinkable. . . . It’s The Hunger Games meets The Godfather meets Robin Cook, with female characters playing all the key roles. Hell, yeah.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Social commentary and intense thrills rolled into one seamless story. Outwardly an adventure story, this suspenseful novel uses a thrilling premise to examine the fallout of abandoning universal freedoms in order to ensure collective safety.”—Publishers Weekly 

“Th[e] mystery-like structure keeps the reader guessing as Jones switches seamlessly from evocative pastoral descriptions of North Carolina and Tennessee to action-packed scenes of violence. . . . At once dark, disturbing, and highly enjoyable, this is a timely novel bursting with ideas.”—Booklist

THE SALT LINE is a ‘literary thriller’ that manages to fulfill each side of that phrase with admirable vigor. It’s both gripping and emotionally resonant, both suspenseful and heartfelt. Holly Goddard Jones has a true storyteller’s instinct for suspense, along with a deep gift for empathy. She’ll make your heart race as you turn the pages, and then she’ll crack it open a little before she’s through.” —Scott Smith, author of The Ruins and A Simple Plan

“With this intense, arrestingly vivid fever dream, Holly Goddard Jones fully realizes a completely original and wholly terrifying dystopian nightmare. Jones’s wild, ventriloquist talent unfurls in this novel like never before. Each magnetic character in THE SALT LINE is boldly alive to the novel’s world, at once monstrous, uncanny, and yet entirely ours.” — Claire Vaye Watkins, author of Gold Fame Citrus and Battleborn

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