Featured Titles Recommended by Reese Witherspoon: “I bid moms and little girls alike to read this book…”

We already knew Reese Witherspoon had great taste in books, with her devotion for Cheryl Strayed’s Wild and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl leading to her involvement in two not-to-be-missed big screen adaptations this year. But as a mother of three, it’s not only adult books that are on her radar. She took to Twitter (and Instagram and Facebook) last night to share her love for the fierce female fairy tale PENNYROYAL ACADEMY by M.A. Larson, and we are in complete agreement with her sweet sentiment: “I bid moms and little girls alike to read this book…because everyone deserves to know what happened to Snow White or how Cinderella became a warrior princess defending her land from dragons, right?”

What better way for mothers and daughters to share in a terrific tale than by listening to the audiobook? Read by the delightful Susan Duerden, the audio allows families to enroll in the PENNYROYAL ACADEMY together and experience the power of family listening—and literary entertainment at its best! LISTEN TO A CLIP

“Forget the notion of traditional princesses…Larson has crafted a dark Grimm-like fairy tale, with teens training to defeat evil, save villages, and find their own identities in the process.”—Booklist

“A sequel-worthy debut…”—Kirkus

“Comparison to the Harry Potter series seems inevitable…but I am prepared to argue that ‘Pennyroyal Academy’ is worthy of the matchup—it’s ridiculously compelling, and I hope it’s followed by several sequels…‘Pennyroyal Academy’ is one of those books you want to parse out and make last. It is a breathtakingly exciting novel, and Evie deserves a special place in a new pantheon of capable, feisty, and yes, admirable literary princesses.”—New York Times Book Review

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