Interview LISTEN UP: a special podcast episode with 3 beloved YA and children’s authors

Did you know that Penguin Random House Audio has a podcast called This is the Author? We love to chat with authors about what it’s like to record their own audiobooks. Were there any surprises? How would they describe the experience? And if they didn’t record it themselves, who would their dream narrator(s) be?

In this special episode, sure to be a treat for YA listeners(!), meet bestselling authors Markus Zusak, Matt de la Peña, and Nic Stone. You’ll hear how their own pasts each inspired them to write their latest stories. Markus Zusak explains how his audiobook, Bridge of Clay, first started as an idea twenty years ago; Nic Stone shares why she wishes she had a book like Odd One Out as a guidepost when she was in high school; and Matt de la Peña talks about capturing the “music” of his neighborhood, and why it’s so important for kids to be able to see and hear themselves in books. Plus, from Jim Dale to one’s own brother, hear who their dream narrators might be. LISTEN NOW:

Learn more about their most recent audiobooks:

Carmela Full of Wishes
Author: Matt de la Peña
Read by: Matt de la Peña
“De la Peña’s voice captures Carmela’s innocence along with the pitch-perfect sibling dialogue…Carmela’s story shines, and listeners will imagine her vibrant oceanside community…”
“Carmela’s journey of wishing, waiting, and wanting resonates on many levels; an important addition to bookshelves everywhere.”—School Library Journal, starred review
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