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Our Favorite Teachers

In honor of National Teachers’ Day, we’re thinking of (and thanking) all the wonderful teachers in our lives, past and present.

“My favorite teacher was and is my AP European History teacher, Ms. Montgomery. She taught this rigorous, completely terrifying class that made my first year of college feel like preschool, brought on my first all-night study session, and made her classroom not just a classroom but a community. Her past students still gather at her house when we’re all home for the holidays, for a seminar discussion, complete with dense readings and presentation groups—for fun!”
–Heather Job, associate publicist

“My favorite teacher was my music teacher in middle school, Mr. Begin. I was a shy kid who loved music and singing—Mr. Begin noticed in that special way that great teachers do and proceeded to challenge and encourage me throughout the four years of middle school. Though there were hundreds of students in the music program, Mr. Begin made sure each of his students felt special and gave everyone equal opportunity to perform. It was obvious that Mr. Begin loved his job. There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t jump up to start dancing and singing with us or try to make us laugh with his hilarious but poignant stories—no easy feat when you’re talking to a room full of twelve-year-olds!”
–Erin Murphy, assistant, creative marketing

“My third-grade teacher hosted a tea party for our class while we were reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe—we drank cups of tea, and she served us all Turkish delight while we listened to the audiobook. She was a pretty strict teacher, and I remember this feeling like such a special departure from a typical school day. I was completely swept up by the story, and it’s still one of my favorites—and, I suspect, one of hers too.”
–Katie Punia, VP, publicity

“I’ve had many great teachers over the course of my education. Starting from my mom to my elementary and high school teachers all the way up to my college professors—each and every one has impacted me in a unique and profound way. When I think of my most fond memories of school, I can’t help but think of my high school art teacher, Mrs. Levine. She was everything you’d hope for in a teacher. She encouraged, challenged, and forced me to explore and think creatively. She even stayed after class for an entire month to teach me how to knit! She taught me innovation, encouraged my mistakes, and rewarded my experimentation. She taught me how to be a thinker, and for that I am forever grateful!”
–Ameela Persaud, assistant, strategic marketing

“I have loved almost every single teacher I have had—from preschool through college. One in particular sticks out because a friend and I spent many lunch hours in eighth grade with her. She let us eat our lunch in her office, read, and talk about books. That’s where I first read The Golden Compass. It was one of those life-changing reads that led to re-readings and deep-dive independent studies of His Dark Materials at several different points of high school and college.”
–Taraneh DJangi, senior manager, creative marketing


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