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producer Julie Wilson

producer Julie Wilson

A hit on EarlyWord galley chat and a July LibraryReads pick, NINE WOMEN, ONE DRESS by Jane L. Rosen is a kooky-character-filled joy ride of a listen. Booklist calls it “at turns poignant and laugh-out-loud funny,” and in a starred review, Library Journal says “imagine the movie Love Actually in book form and you’ve got this charming debut.” And the audiobook is the recipient of an AudioFile Earphones Award!
Hear why audiobook producer Julie Wilson had such fun creating the audio edition of this title:

You’re in for a treat!
“What I loved the most about producing NINE WOMEN, ONE DRESS was assembling the ensemble cast. With so many characters to cast (seventeen!), I ended up searching for narrators who were particularly skilled at voicing several distinct narrative voices. This way we could use one actor for two or more roles.

Robert Fass

For instance, Robert Fass portrays a 90-year-old dress designer from Poland and two other New Yorkers in their 30s-40s. Erik Singer also nailed both his role of Tomás, a 27-year-old department store employee in the ladies’ dress department and of Luke Siegel, the grandson of Morris Siegel (that 90-year-old designer played by Robert Fass). After working with Dorothy Dillingham Blue on American Housewife, I was also particularly excited to hear how she would play both Felicia, Arthur Winter’s assistant, and Sally Ann, a runway model from Alabama. And let me tell you, you’re in for a treat!

Erik Singer

Like casting a play
When working on multi-cast or full-cast recordings, I also really enjoy the process of considering how characters and their narrators will sound in relation to one another. I will often listen to actors’ audition clips side by side to see if the romantic love interests sound like they have the right chemistry. This is especially complicated when it comes to stories with multiple romantic entanglements like in NINE WOMEN, ONE DRESS. But, in a wonderful way, it feels like casting a play.”
—Julie Wilson, producer

Listen to the Prologue
Listen to Dorothy Dillingham Blue play runway model, Sally Ann Fennely—the woman who first wears the little black dress that starts it all! LISTEN NOW:

NINE WOMEN, ONE DRESS also features the following fabulous narrators:

Tristan Morris

Mandy Siegfried

Hillary Huber

Cassandra Campbell

Dan Woren

Michael Crouch

Em Eldridge

Audio Praise:
“A lively cast captures the personalities of diverse and entertaining characters whose lives are touched by one little black dress–the magic of which extends far beyond the nine women who wear it. Each narrator takes on the voices of the colorful characters who tell their stories, which, somehow, all include a transaction involving the dress. The individual perspectives bring out the humor of misunderstandings or the sweetness of the dress’s bringing happiness to the deserving. The narrators’ voices, accents, and mannerisms for each character are consistent and complement one another. These details make for smooth segues between stories and effectively bring out the quirkiness, romance, and surprises of a delightful piece of chick-lit.”—AudioFile Earphones Award

On sale July 12th.
Hardcover and ebook available from Doubleday.
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