Audiobooks & Literacy

chalkboard Welcome to the audiobooks and literacy toolbox.

This page is chock full of useful materials for educators and librarians looking to expand their knowledge and their collections.

There is a wide selection of articles ranging from grant writing, to using audiobooks with English Language Learners, to increasing teen listening. Plus, the toolbox provides practical tips for using audiobooks in the classroom and marketing them in your libraries. Happy Listening!

pdf-iconAudiobooks Are Not Cheating articles (Administrators, Educators, Librarians, Parents) The debate over whether audiobooks are cheating has percolated within schools and communities for many years. But studies show that 1) the more voracious listeners are also voracious readers, and that 2) 85% of what we learn is learned by listening and 27% of students are auditory learners—indicating just how important listening skills are in today’s media saturated world. Learn more in this blog post and request a free poster. And check out the attached PDF or click on the following articles to learn about the science of why audiobooks are not cheating: New York Magazine’s “As Far As Your Brain Is Concerned, Audiobooks Are Not ‘Cheating’” and The Washington Post’s “Is listening to a book ‘cheating?’”

pdf-iconGuys Listen (Administrators, Educators, Librarians, Parents)
Listening Library joins Jon Scieszka in his literacy initiative to motivate guys to become readers. Learn more on our website.

pdf-iconAudiobooks & Gifted Students (Administrators, Educators, Librarians, Parents)
Statistics challenge the notion that the audiobook’s primary function is to boost reading achievement for struggling students. Read this article to learn how strong readers can benefit from audiobooks.

pdf-iconSummertime Listening (Administrators, Educators, Librarians, Parents)
From family car trips, to hours at the beach, to hiking in the mountains—audiobooks help those summer reading lists travel.

pdf-icon Why Listen? Using Audiobooks to Support Literacy (Administrators, Educators, Librarians, Parents)
School librarian Dr. Rose Brock explains how audiobooks develop literacy skills, the connection between reading and listening and how you can build and market a strong audiobook collection.