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“I knew I wanted to listen to this on audio,” said Amanda D’Acierno, Senior VP and Publisher of Penguin Random House Audio, to Publishers Weekly when discussing BUSINESS ADVENTURES for the recent article, “The Thrill of Bringing Business Adventures to Audio.” And this anticipation of a brilliant new business audiobook (that’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffett-approved) is a sentiment being shared by listeners in libraries across the country. Business listens have long been a popular way to maximize a daily commute to the office, or even a secret solution to get ahead while at work. BUSINESS ADVENTURES by John Brooks, read by the award-winning Johnny Heller, is a must for any business listening list.

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“Xerox Xerox Xerox Xerox”

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What does your E-reader have in common with a Xerox machine? The Open Road Blog shares the surprising connection between these two technological advances that each shook up the publishing industry—decades apart. As explained in the post, much like the relatively “modern” fear about the publishing industry’s ability to weather the flood of e-readers added to the market in recent years, in the 1960s, there were similar fears about the effect copy machines would have on the publishing world. From the establishment of new copyright laws, to the changes that took place in offices everywhere, Xerox machines made an impact while leaving the publishing industry intact, and this clever and compelling Open Road blog post perfectly illustrates why, over forty years after it was originally written, BUSINESS ADVENTURES is as relevant as ever! Click here to read the full post.

Business Adventures ebook and paperback available from Open Road Media. Retail audiobook available from Random House Audio.


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