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Kate DiCamillo and other leading lights in children’s literature share thoughts on THE GIVER movie, opening nationwide August 15, 2014.
What better way to revisit this classic before you see it in theaters than by listening to the acclaimed audiobook read by Ron Rifkin? In fact, you can find the entire Giver quartet on audiobook here. Watch the exciting trailer and scroll down to read how viewers are responding to the film so far. See you at the movies!

“THE GIVER is a triumph for book-lovers and movie-goers. It is a movie that reminds us of the power of memory and books and stories and love. It shows us, gloriously, the privilege and the pain and joy of being alive, fully human.”—Kate DiCamillo, National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and two-time Newbery Award Winner

“THE GIVER happily…is most faithful to the book in terms of the themes, the morals, and way in which it confronts the problems with conformity. Over the next few decades, millions of children will be shown this Newbery Award adaptation in school. And I, for one, am grateful.”—Betsy Bird, full review on Fuse # 8 Blog, School Library Journal

“Over and over again, this film insists that love is stronger than anything, even such powerful human conditioning…when we live without hope (what hope is there in this community until Jonas comes into play?) when we live without love, we only exist.”—Gary D. Schmidt, a National Book Award Finalist, two-time Newbery Honor Winning Author, and Printz Award Finalist. For the full essay, please click here.

“…this film is a celebration of joy, choice, truth. It lets us rejoice in all that is base in our lives—pain, conformity, dishonesty—because, through its lens, THE GIVER reveals a telling reality. It shows us that the ugliest shades of the human condition allow the sun’s light, by its brilliant contrast to black-and-white, to shine even brighter…Thank you filmmakers, I whisper in the dark. Thank you for letting me weep at your remarkable achievement.”—Andrea Davis Pinkney, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of many books for children and young adults. For the full essay, please click here.

“It’s a lovely adaptation that honors Lois Lowry’s vision and authority…the film…illuminates and explores the beauty, danger and pain of our free, creative lives. Plenty to talk about in families and other communities. Go see it.”—Mitali Perkins, award-winning author

“Just got back from the Red Carpet premiere of THE GIVER by Lois Lowry. Rarely have I seen a film so respectful of a book. Never have I seen the author of that book honored the way Lois was tonight; a stellar evening for all who believe in the power of a single book for children.”—Anita Silvey, renowned publisher, editor, author, creator of Book-a-Day Almanac

“As always, thank you Walden for remaining true to the magic of a beloved work.”—Anita Merina, NEA’s Read Across America

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