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It has been said that “Toni Morrison sets the gold standard for a writer narrating her own work” (AudioFile). Morrison, herself, once explained in an interview with the blog Audiobook History, “when I read the book aloud before audiences, I always read it the same way. So that’s what made me decide [to record my audiobooks].” The specific, intended cadence of her prose cannot be denied, and Morrison’s brilliant readings add another level of musicality and magic to her already-poetic written words. She told Audiobook History that her friend Peter Sellars uses her audiobooks when teaching at UCLA, and he’s explained that it “made a difference in [students’] understanding or intimacy or relationship to the material.” Don’t let patrons miss the chance to hear the incomparable Nobel Prize Winning author read her new novel, GOD HELP THE CHILD.

From The New York Times (4/8/15)
“The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison”
“Some people can’t do it, can’t sit in that dimly lit sarcophagus-like space and read. Others who have recorded there have kept the door open because the booth was too confining. But Morrison was in absolute calm, as if this dark space and her own words were a nest of language and she was perfectly at home.”

Toni Morrison did an interview with The New York Times while she was recording her audiobook of GOD HELP THE CHILD. CLICK HERE to check out the full article and WATCH an amazing exclusive VIDEO of Toni Morrison in the studio.

Photo Credit: Katy Grannan for The New York Times

Toni Morrison in the studioLISTEN TO A CLIP of

On Sale April 21, 2015
Available from BOT on CD, audiobook download, and in Large Print.

Hardcover and e-book available from Knopf.

Early Praise:
“This haunting novel displays a profound understanding of American culture and an unwavering sense of justice and forgiveness.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A chilling oracle and a lively storyteller, Nobel winner Morrison continues the work she began 45 years ago with The Bluest Eye.”—Kirkus, starred review

“The pieces all fit together seamlessly in a story about beating back the past, confronting the present, and understanding one’s worth.”—Library Journal, starred review

“This is a novel about how psychological damage in childhood influences the way an adult leads his or her life…a swirl of deep emotions, sucking the reader in…Stock up.”—Booklist

More from Morrison—Coming Soon:
Morrison heads back into the studio to record never-before-available unabridged audio editions of Paradise and Song of Solomon for our Fall 2016 list.

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