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About Hear Diversity
Audiobooks have a critical role to play in our shared commitment to diverse literature. They add momentum to the reading experience, offer authentic representations of language & dialogue, and provide a literacy bridge to struggling readers. We hope you enjoy exploring this website where you’ll learn more about the importance of including audiobooks in your diversity collections. We encourage you to listen to clips and interviews with authors and educators—you can even request a CD sampler below. Plus, discover additional recommended titles for your collection so that all of the young people you work with can Hear Diversity.

Thom Barthelmess“Audiobooks enhance diverse stories with authentic and resonant interpretations of culturally specific language and dialogue. Just as young people need to see themselves in the stories they consume, they need to hear themselves as well.”—Thom Barthelmess, librarian

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Ellen Oh“There is nothing like hearing the rhythm and the beat and the cadence of what a story is supposed to sound like. We all can imagine how we read it in our own heads, but to hear the story as it is supposed to be told is an experience that cannot be beat.”—Ellen Oh,
co-founder of We Need Diverse Books and editor of FLYING LESSONS & OTHER STORIES

Hear a Q&A between Ellen Oh and her editor, Phoebe Yeh

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