Marketing Tips, Promotions & Events Fodor’s Travel Display Contest: Request FREE poster

***Thanks for your interest in our Fodor’s contest! Our promotion has ended as of 1/1/15 and a winner will be announced shortly.***
Want to upgrade your library’s travel section? Request your FREE “Let Your Library Card Be Your Passport” poster to use in an inspired and creative display…it could be your ticket to WIN a collection of twenty-five bestselling Fodor’s travel guides for your library! Simply scroll down and fill out the form so we can mail you this beautiful poster. Start dreaming up display ideas and share your set-up with us by emailing a photo to by December 31, 2014. You could be a big winner!*
Fodors_Library Poster_final
*Requesting a FREE poster does not require you to enter this contest. However, you must submit a photo of your display using this poster in order to be entered to win. Official Rules here. Click on poster image to view enlarged.

Help patrons set sail on an incredible trip starting at the library. Share the sights and sounds of your favorite city, celebrate cultures around the world, or perhaps take patrons on the ultimate American road trip—there’s no limit to where you can go with your travel display. Want to publicize passport sign-ups? Or help create the ultimate packing list complete with audiobook and language program suggestions? We can’t wait to see where your travel display will take you. And be sure to watch the BOT blog, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter, for more fun and inspiring ideas throughout the fall. Also, check out to see the incredible guide book destinations they have to offer.

Happy travels—and be sure to show us your shelves!

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