Featured Titles Fill Up on the Laughs: Hilarious Jim Gaffigan clip from FOOD: A LOVE STORY

Make any trip a hilarious—and hearty—journey with comedian Jim Gaffigan‘s ode to all things mouthwatering, FOOD: A LOVE STORY. A laugh-out-loud “romance” of the culinary kind, this is one love story that will fill your patrons’ hearts and stomachs equally (since we have a feeling they’ll be stopping for snacks along the way.) Also perfect in bite-sized bits for shorter commutes. Jim Gaffigan clip below…

Jim Gaffigan’s perfect food day: An everything bagel, spaghetti with meat sauce, breakfast burrito, guacamole and chips, large black coffee, Mamoun’s shawarma, Veselka’s fried pierogi and potato pancakes, bratwurst, and a New York strip steak.

FOOD CHALLENGE! And no, it’s not to eat all of the food in the above image. In fact, it’s even tougher. We challenge you to listen to this audiobook clip without laughing.
Ready? Set? Go! (HINT: It cannot be done.)

FOOD: A LOVE STORY written and read by Jim Gaffigan:

Sr. Marketing Manager Jodie Cohen certainly failed the challenge…
Here’s a clip of her listening to FOOD:

Ready for seconds? Read why TASTEBOOK says “Listening to Jim Gaffigan is bad for your health” in their interview: Jim Gaffigan Proves Why He’s the King of Eating

Coffee? Tea? More laughs?
Find additional funny listening in our Make ‘Em Laugh Featured Collection and hear clips from favorite comedians like Rob Delaney, Marc Maron, Jim Gaffigan, and more.

There’s always room for dessert! We leave you with some cake:

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