What is the new packaging change that took effect on Sept 1, 2019?

As of Sept 1, 2019, we are no longer publishing CDs in BOT library packaging. However, effective immediately, CDs in standard retail packaging are now available to libraries via booksontape.com. Additionally, in-stock backlist library-packaged CD editions WILL continue to be available on our website. And of course, our entire catalog of Books on Tape and Listening Library titles WILL continue to be published as library audio downloads available via your providers. PLEASE NOTE: SOPs are no longer available.

Is the Books on Tape website going away?

Yes –the BOT website is moving to penguinrandomhouselibrary.com! We are as excited as ever to continue to serve the library market and your ever-growing patron base of audiobook listeners. You will soon be able to find our full catalog—in all formats—on the new penguinrandomhouselibrary.com website coming soon (late June 2023). Our new site will provide librarians with all of the PRH Library & BOT Marketing you know and love in one place including: listeners’ and readers’ advisory ideas, audiobook clips, narrator news, title information, LibraryReads, giveaways, links to Edelweiss, Morning Book Buzz, and much more! However, all CD and large print orders will migrate to Penguin Random House Biz Self-Service portal (BIZ).

What is the difference between library packaging and retail packaging?

Can I still place CD orders on the BOT website?

While orders may be placed on the BOT site, if you have not already done so, we strongly encourage you to create a Biz account. This is the only way you can view previous orders and invoices. Books on Tape and Listening Library (BOT/LL) online account access is migrating to Penguin Random House Biz Self-Service portal (BIZ) once the BOT site is integrated with penguinrandomhouselibrary.com in late June 2023. If you are an organization that currently uses a BOT/LL login, you must register for a BIZ account using the information outlined in the following steps. Accounts will NOT be automatically migrated to BIZ!

Locate your BOT/LL Billing Account Number
If your organization has multiple account numbers, you only need to register your BILLING account. Shipping accounts will be automatically added.

Obtain a SAN (Standard Access Number)
If you do not already have your SAN, please contact Penguin Random House Customer Service (phone: 1 800 733 3000; or email: bizcs@prh.com)

Designate BIZ systems administrators for your organization
BIZ systems administrators manage your organization’s account. We strongly recommend designating at least one other BIZ account administrator besides yourself (i.e. directors/principles, acquisitions/office managers, etc.).

How does BOT serve the library market?

Books on Tape (BOT) is a company you can trust. We pioneered the concept of unabridged audiobooks, and we’re celebrating almost 40 years of offering the greatest variety, the highest quality, and the best service. BOT has been creating partnerships with libraries for over three decades, and together we have provided patrons with a comprehensive selection of titles ranging from Dickens to Obama.

We are proud to exclusively have Listening Library as our children’s library imprint. Listening Library is the premier audiobook publisher for children’s and young adult literature.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting September 1, 2019, library packaging for CDs will no longer be available from Books on Tape. Any Library Packaged CDs produced prior to September 1 will continue to be available to be ordered.

I’m a consumer, how to I purchase BOT product?

Thank you for visiting the Books on Tape website. If you are not a librarian or educator, please visit www.penguinrandomhouseaudio.com.

Who is listening to audiobooks?

According to the Audio Publisher’s Association (APA) 2018 survey, there was a 22.7% increase in audiobook revenue in 2017. This continues the six-year audiobook trend of double-digit growth year over year. Audiobook listeners consume books in all formats with 83% of frequent listeners having read a hardcover or paperback in the last 12 months and 79% having read an ebook.

Audiobook listeners read or listened to an average of 15 books in the last year, and 57% of listeners agreed or strongly agreed that “audiobooks help you finish more books.” 54% of audiobook listeners are under the age of 45.

The top three activities while listening to audiobooks are: driving (65%), relaxing before going to sleep (52%), and doing housework/chores (45%). 73% of audiobook consumers agree that listening to audiobooks is relaxing. 55% agreed or strongly agreed that they chose to listen to an audiobook “when they want some time to themselves.”

How has the growth in access to digital products affected audiobook listeners?

According to the Audio Publisher’s Association (APA) 2018 survey, smartphone usage continues to grow with 73% of listeners using these devices and an increase in the percentage of listeners using this device most often: 47% in 2018 vs. 29% in 2017 and 22% in 2015. Smart speakers are increasingly impacting the audiobook world with 24% of listeners saying they have listened on a smart speaker and 5% saying they listen most often on a smart speaker.

Does BOT offer children’s audiobooks?

Yes, BOT is the proud publisher of Listening Library audiobooks for the school and library market. Listening Library is the premier publisher of unabridged audiobooks for children and young adults. Their reputation for quality productions of the best in children’s literature has set them apart from other audio producers. Their backlist of over 1000 titles includes such popular characters like Arthur, Ramona, Amber Brown, Harry Potter, and such beloved authors as Judy Blume, Christopher Paolini, Mary Pope Osborne, Stephenie Meyer, Christopher Paul Curtis, and Philip Pullman.

Can I use audiobooks in my classroom?

Yes! The value of audiobooks as a learning tool in the education of children is widely recognized by experts. Audiobooks bring written text to life, adding an interactive quality that can ignite a child’s imagination. They encourage reading by broadening vocabularies, stretching attention spans, and fostering critical-thinking skills. Listening to audiobooks in the classroom can effectively enrich the reading experience and aid your students in understanding and appreciating literature, history, theatre arts, and more! Learn more about the benefits of audiobooks here.

Can I use audiobooks in my library’s story time or book club?

Yes! We have no objection to libraries playing our audiobook titles at live events that take place in the library setting such as “story time” or “book club” events for small groups of children and their parents, so long as admission is not charged and the event is not broadcast, streamed or recorded for broadcast or streaming.

What is My Lists?

My Lists is a versatile tool that allows you to create custom title lists prior to adding them to your cart for checkout.* If your selections and ordering are handled by different departments, use My Lists to create a list of titles. You can then share your list electronically with your technical services team whenever you are ready to order.
*Please note: For security purposes, your cart will expire upon exiting the site or after being logged in for 8 hours. To save your titles for future purchases, please use My Lists and move titles into the cart when you are ready to place your order.

How is my order shipped?

Every BOT library customer enjoys FREE shipping. All school orders will be charged 6% of the net order value. Orders are shipped via UPS Ground. We will process your order and have it shipped within 3-5 days. UPS will take 7 to 10 days to deliver your order depending on your location. Overnight and 2-day services are available upon request.
PLEASE NOTE: Starting September 1, 2019, library packaging for CDs will no longer be available from Books on Tape. Any Library Packaged CDs produced prior to September 1 will continue to be available to be ordered. Please click here for more information.

What are my options for receiving backorders?

The preferred method is shipment based on on sale dates. This may lead to partial shipments, because on sale dates fall throughout the month. However, complete shipping is available upon request. Should you choose this option your order will be held until every title in the order is available. Complete shipping will not allow libraries to take advantage of our commitment to provide simultaneous release of bestsellers with the hardcover edition.
PLEASE NOTE: Starting September 1, 2019, library packaging for CDs will no longer be available from Books on Tape. Any Library Packaged CDs produced prior to September 1 will continue to be available to be ordered. Please click here for more information.

What is your return policy?

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, product is fully returnable within 90 days of the date of receipt for a credit at the price and discount at which the product was purchased. Full copy returns are required for credit. Returns should be mailed, at customer expense, to: Penguin Random House LLC, Attn: Returns Department, 1019 N. State Road 47, Crawfordsville, IN 47933. Return authorization is not required; however, all returns should be made with a claim copy or packing slip indicating for each title the ISBN#, quantity, account name and number, and date of receipt of purchase.

What is your Replacement Policy?

PLEASE NOTE: ***UPDATE:*** Due to an unforeseen circumstance with our replacements vendor, we are no longer taking replacement orders. If you have further questions, please be in touch with your sales representative. CD Binders and CD Sleeves will be available for purchase while supplies last.

If materials are available, replacement orders can be made through our Replacements Order Form.

For questions about replacements, please contact our library reps.  

Who are your narrators?

All of our narrators are professionally trained and accomplished performers. Many have received national recognition for their work, such as Grammy® Awards, AudioFile Golden Voice and Earphone Awards, Audie Awards, and have made Library Journal‘s Best Audiobooks list. Most importantly, our productions have our listeners’ stamp of approval.

We continually survey our customers to ensure that we are selecting their favorite narrators for forthcoming books. We know that great narration is critical to an enjoyable listening experience!

To learn more about our readers, please visit our narrator page.

How can I become a reader for your audiobooks?

Performers are selected by the individual producers working on each title most often in conjunction with the author. Our producers do not listen to audition tapes sent directly to Penguin Random House, they do however listen to clips and review profiles that are uploaded to the online casting site, ahabtalent.com. Producers work mostly with New York and Los Angeles based talent agencies, and freelance directors to find the right voices for their projects. For more resources on becoming an audiobook narrator, please visit the Audio Publisher’s Association website at www.audiopub.org for more information.