Featured Titles, In The Studio Enter THE DOLLHOUSE by Fiona Davis… Audiobook narrator and director take us inside the production

With fascinating real life inspiration, a compelling dual narrative, and a historical New York City setting, THE DOLLHOUSE by Fiona Davis is a brilliant book club pick that lets listeners step right in the middle of the action. Audiobook narrator Tavia Gilbert and director May Wuthrich loved getting to know the ladies of THE DOLLHOUSE and tell us a bit more about the delightful task of bringing two distinct eras and two captivating characters (secretarial student Darby McLaughlin, circa 1952, and journalist Rose Lewin over half a century later) to life.

Tavia in the studio

Tavia in the studio

Tavia’s Take
“What a pleasure to get to work with director May Wuthrich to record this charming first novel by Fiona Davis, which includes a mystery, some wonderfully detailed New York history, and complex romance. What I love most about this book is the way Davis so skillfully and entertainingly weaves in issues of great contemporary concern – feminism, gay rights and freedoms, cultural intersectionality – adding an additional layer of heart and authenticity to an already finely wrought story.” — narrator Tavia Gilbert

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Director’s Cut
“I love how Fiona Davis weaves the threads of two women’s intersecting lives into an emotionally rich and suspenseful story. This was a particularly meaningful audiobook for me to direct because I came to NYC to pursue an artistic life when the Barbizon Hotel and Gibbs School were still part of the cultural landscape. Rose and Darby are born of very different eras, but both are confronting the challenges of making independent lives for themselves. In part, the audiobook illustrates just how much women’s lives have changed, yet have also stayed the same.

Director May Wuthrich

Director May Wuthrich

The audio production process for this title was a collaboration among producer, director, author, actor, engineer, and editor and we had a particularly great team on board. It was gratifying to work with Penguin Random House Audio producer Kelly Gildea, who has perhaps the most important role in the process; casting the right actor, consulting with Fiona (who was excited about the audio edition of her work!), plus, I loved directing a talented narrator like Tavia Gilbert. Tavia has a particular gift for bringing scenes of dialogue to vivid emotional life and creating the illusion of multiple voices locked in conversation. She animated this novel’s two different time periods and wide array of characters into a seamless performance of a book that is perfectly written for the audio format.”— director May Wuthrich

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★”Davis’s impeccably structured debut is equal parts mystery, tribute to midcentury New York City, and classic love story.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

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