Discussion Guide: Sabrina & Corina

1. Did this book teach you something new about the American West? If so, what?

2. Many of the protagonists in Sabrina & Corina are presented with a type of twinning character. Which characters seemed to complement each other for better or worse?

3. What is the importance of storytelling in Sabrina & Corina. In what ways do the characters tell one another stories, and for what reasons?

4. Fajardo-Anstine presents her female characters as pillars of strength and women with flaws. Why do you think the author did this?

5. What did Sabrina & Corina teach you about the Latinx and indigenous experiences in the United States?

6. Many of the characters in Sabrina & Corina are ethnically mixed. How does the author highlight these hybrid identities?

7. A sense of home and one of place and are very important in Sabrina & Corina. How do the different characters in these stories define home, as well as their place in society and among their families? And how do you as a reader define the concept of home?

8. Why do you think Fajardo-Anstine explored violence against women in this community?

9. Fajardo-Anstine has said that she wrote Sabrina & Corina out of a need to understand why beauty and death were linked so closely in her culture. How do you see those elements in these stories?

10. Many of the stories in Sabrina & Corina are set in the fictional town of Saguarita. What other memorable fictional towns have you encountered in literature?

11. What does Sierra’s sugar "baby" represent to you?

12. What do you think happened to Lucia Barrera in Sisters?

13. How has gentrification impacted characters in stories like Galapago and Tomi?

14. In Any Further West, do you think Neva will break the cycle of violence in her family?

15. Education plays an important role in Ghost Sickness. How does that story challenge dominant narratives about the American west?