Collection Development Commemorating the Civil Rights Movement — FREE CD Sampler

Commemorate history by listening together. Fifty years after the height of the civil rights movement, sharing literature that tackles issues of prejudice allows us to continue the necessary dialogue about the past, and its impact on our society today.

Christopher Paul Curtis

Listening Library, award-winning publisher of audiobooks for kids and teens, has created a special CD sampler: Commemorating Civil Rights with Award-Winning Stories. In addition to selected audiobook clips, listen to an exclusive Q & A with Christopher Paul Curtis, author of the award-winning THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM – 1963, and the audiobook narrator, LeVar Burton, as they each discuss how storytelling can impart history’s lessons to a new generation, and how hearing a story read aloud can help foster a love of reading.

LeVar Burton

Request this useful resource to share with your children, students, or patrons. Not only will they be able to hear about the beloved The Watsons Go to Birmingham – 1963, with added insight from the author and narrator, but they can also sample other children’s stories that tackle prejudice, racism, and the importance of understanding. These stories are at times humorous, at times heart-breaking, and always inspiring.

Our FREE CD sampler features clips from the following audiobooks:

Click here to find our full featured collection of titles that commemorate the Civil Rights Movement.

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