Nick Martorelli Odyssey Honor
2020 Odyssey Awards Speech: Nick Martorelli, audiobook producer of WE’RE NOT FROM HERE

By Nick Martorelli, producer of 2020 Odyssey Honor WE’RE NOT FROM HERE. Watch this year’s Virtual Ceremony on ALA’s YouTube page now! It premiered June 28th at 4:30 pm ET!

I am a huge fan of science fiction, of stories that transport us to new worlds and far-flung futures, yet always understand that – wrapped in starships and laser guns – those novels are addressing the concerns of the here and now. Read more

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The World Needs More Purple People
Kristen Bell crafted her own t-shirt before recording her audiobook at home

On June 2nd, we will all find out why THE WORLD NEEDS MORE PURPLE PEOPLE! The perfect feel-good listen that families and kids need right now, Kristen Bell’s children’s book, co-written with her friend Benjamin Hart, is a must for your audio download collections. And it’s read by beloved actress and activist, and now author, Kristen Bell herself! Read more

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