Featured Titles Wee lads and lassies will go mad for Bruce Coville’s DIARY OF A MAD BROWNIE

This brownie is a treat for young listeners—but not the kind you eat! DIARY OF A MAD BROWNIE is the first audiobook in Bruce Coville’s hilarious new series, The Enchanted Files, about ancient magical creatures who befriend modern-day kids with hysterical consequences.

Bruce Coville is the popular author of over 100 books for children, including the bestselling My Teacher is an Alien series, and his new series is sure to delight a whole new generation of listeners. The master of funny fantasies has delivered a tale packed with Scottish lore and laughs galore! Told through a series of diary entries and other documents, DIARY OF A MAD BROWNIE is the story of one very messy girl named Alex, and a tiny magical brownie named Angus, who must work together to break a curse.

DanZittDan Zitt, VP of Content Production at Penguin Random House Audio talked about his experience working on the audiobook:    

“I’ve known Bruce Coville for over fifteen years, so when Diary of a Mad Brownie hit my desk, I couldn’t have been more excited to work with him again.  After reading it, I knew what I had suspected all along, Bruce is a mad genius with a pen. Only Bruce could write a book from the perspective of a young girl and a figure from Scottish folklore, and make it sound realistic. As always, he takes us on a fantastical journey with distinct characters and dialogue that just screams to be transformed into an audiobook.euan-morton

The real challenge with casting this audiobook was trying to find someone who can sound authentic as the tiny Scottish troublemaker Angus.   Luckily we found Euan Morton who is not a big troublemaker, but an amazing stage and audiobook actor.  Euan can morph his voice to sound like a character that is a foot tall, or a hundred feet tall, and we took full advantage of that with Angus. 

Hear Euan Morton read the Great Oath of the Brownies:

The other challenge was finding an authentic sounding pre-teen to play Alex Carhart. There are not that many actors with the range that can convey the curiosity and innocence that you hear from an eleven year old. When I spoke to Bruce about this character he mentioned that he recorded a young girl named Nancy O’Connor for a book he produced. She was 13, but still sounded the part. I will state this for the record, Nancy O’Connor is a director’s dream. Not only did she embody Alex Carhart, but was as accurate a narrator as I have ever worked with. After we edited all of her parts, and placed them next to Euan’s we realized that we had something special here, and that only begins to scratch the surface with regards to this audiobook. There are other narrators littered throughout, and it really makes for a compelling listen. Leave it to Bruce to give write something with so much texture.

Hear Nancy O’Connor introduce herself as Alex Carhart:

The only thing I worry about is what Bruce has in store for me next!”

Dan Zitt

FUN FACT: If you listen closely, you’ll hear special cameos throughout the recording from members of the Penguin Random House Audio team including Dan Zitt, Senior Vice President and Publisher Amanda D’Acierno, Marketing Manager Jennifer Rubins, Producer Karen Dziekonski, and Senior Marketing Manager of Random House Publishing Group, Joe Scalora!

JenRubinsOf her recording experience, Jennifer Rubins said, “What a true thrill to take part in a Bruce Coville audiobook! This DIARY is full of so many hilarious characters and I loved the chance to enter Angus and Alex’s magical world as a fast-paced reporter, a concerned teacher, and an older veterinarian—-dealing with an unfortunate cat problem! I can already imagine how much fun kids–and adults–will have listening. I certainly had fun behind the mic!”
Listen to Jennifer read a letter as a veterinarian: 

Critics are mad about DIARY OF A MAD BROWNIE, too!

“Presented with a full cast, this story is a delightful romp…Euan Morton, as the kind but fiery-tempered brownie, steals the show with his heavy Scots brogue and animated dialogue. Morton’s comic timing is perfect…”—AudioFile Earphones Award

“It’s not easy to merge such disparate elements as traditional Scottish lore and modern American life, but Coville brings it off with wit, style, and respect. The story moves quickly, energized by Angus’ engaging voice…The first volume of the Enchanted Files series is smart, amusing, and a lot of fun..”—Booklist, starred review

“A humorous, quick-paced, and engaging tale…This is a fresh and fast tale that is sure to elevate the standing of brownies, goblins, and other magical beings.”—School Library Journal

“Coville infuses Angus’s diary entries (as well as interspersed letters, poems, curses, text messages, etc.) with humor and heart, creating a lovable, altruistic, and slightly grumpy hero in Angus and a determined sidekick in Alex. With magic, mischief, and mayhem to spare, this sweet story of an unlikely friendship ought to delight readers of any age.”—Publishers Weekly

“A knee-slapper.”—Kirkus

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