The bestselling author of The Great Unraveling explains what went wrong in America–and points the way to a new New Deal.

America emerged from Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal with strong democratic values and broadly shared prosperity. But for the past thirty years American politics has been dominated by a conservative movement determined to undermine the New Deal’s achievements. Now, the tide may be turning–and in THE CONSCIENCE OF A LIBERAL Paul Krugman, the world’s most widely read economist and one of its most influential political commentators, charts the way to reform.

Krugman ranges over a century of history and shows that neither the middle-class America the baby boomers grew up in nor the increasingly oligarchic nation we have become over the past generation evolved naturally: both were created, to a large extent, by government policies guided by organized political movements. THE CONSCIENCE OF A LIBERAL promises to reshape public debate about American social policy and become a touchstone work for an entire generation.