Throughout her long career the cause closest to Molly Ivins’s heart was working to protect the freedoms we all value. Ivins got the idea for BILL OF WRONGS while touring America. In her travels Ivins met ordinary people going to extraordinary measures to safeguard our most precious liberties, and she intended this book to be a joyous celebration of those heroes. But during the Bush years, the project’s focus changed.    

From illegal wiretaps, the unlawful imprisonment of American citizens, and the undermining of freedom of the press to the creeping influence of religious extremism on our national agenda and the erosion of the checks and balances that prevent a president from seizing unitary powers, Ivins and her longtime collaborator, Lou Dubose, co-author of Shrub and Bushwhacked, describe the attacks on America’s vital constitutional guarantees. With devastating humor and keen eyes for deceit and hypocrisy, they show just how severe these incursions have become, and they ask us all to take an active role in protecting the Bill of Rights.