Guided Relaxation
When you're feeling overwhelmed or completely worn out, Guided Relaxation is one of the easiest ways to restore balance. Alpha waves, associated with relaxation, creativity, and states of well-being, are harmonically layered in soothing music. Track one is a guided meditation. Track two delivers Alpha waves and relaxation music allowing you to unwind at your own pace.

Total Relaxation
The gentle pulsations of soothing Alpha waves move your mind into a regenerative state of total relaxation. Your consciousness is lifted above fragmented thoughts and worries, becoming unified in peaceful repose. You experience a euphoric release from anything and everything that bothers you.

Stress Free Forever
Stress Free Forever is the only program of its kind to offer a powerful double-barrel approach to banish stress. Precision-engineered sound waves soothe brain activity into the Alpha State of relaxation and clarity. In Alpha, pestering concerns are washed away. Fears vanish. Here, carefully designed subliminal messages replace deep-rooted stress patterns with confidence.

Brain Massage
Completely free of spoken words or guidance, this program harmonically layers Gamma(40Hz) and Delta waves to massage your brain into relaxation. You’ll tingle all over with a rush of cleansing energy swirling through your mind and body. A revitalizing flood of positive energy is released as your autonomic nervous system relaxes into deep states of reverie.