Completely free of spoken words or guidance, this 2-CD meditation program takes you into the elusive theta state. Vivid imagery sparkles before your mind's eye. You feel exalted as your soul soars to the higher ethers of universal knowledge. In this blissful state of reverie, you experience untold depths of inner peace. 

Over a four-week period, your brain’s electromagnetic energy is progressively balanced, organized, and amplified. As you go to deeper levels of Theta, bursts of electrical activity called “kindling” ignite flashes of insight and inspiration. In this extraordinary state, searched for by so many, the mysteries hidden in the other 95% of your brain are revealed. You enter the precise state of meditation that is essential to empowering your visualizations and accelerating manifestation.

This is the perfect all-in-one program for all levels: from the beginner, who wants to be led gradually into deeper levels of meditation, to the more experienced listener, who wishes to have a variety of music and brain wave states available in a single program.