If you’re tired of being tired when you travel, listen to Relieve Jet Lag to arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and alert. This two-disc set is completely free of spoken words. Powerful combinations of brain wave frequencies are harmonically layered in beautiful music.

Compact Disc 1: Delta Sleep
(60 Minutes of Delta Waves and Soothing Music)
When you need to sleep, while flying or otherwise, use Delta Sleep. If your listening device has an auto re-play function, set it so that while you sleep you will be receiving all the benefits of Delta Brain Wave Therapy. To reset your sleep patterns when you travel, use this program nightly to help you fall asleep in the new time zone.

Compact Disc 2: Theta Relaxation
(30 Minutes of Theta and Alpha Waves and Relaxing Music)
When you need to relax and unwind, listen to Theta Relaxation. The Alpha and Theta waves on this program help balance and restore your brain’s sodium and potassium levels, thus reducing mental fatigue and brain fog associated with jet lag. Use this program prior to Delta Sleep or whenever you want to reduce stress.
Compact Disc 2: Beta Refresher
(30 Minutes of Beta and Gamma Waves and Music)
When you want to be refreshed, energized, and in peak performance, listen to Beta Refresher, which delivers brain-optimizing frequencies associated with mental alertness. Use this program before landing, before meetings, or whenever you need a quick pick-me-up.