Brain Power
Your mind is cluttered, and no matter how hard you try to focus or find answers, nothing flows easily. No worries. Close your eyes and let the rich resonant tones of harmonically layered frequencies effortlessly guide you into the flow state of expanded consciousness. You feel invigorated as fresh neural pathways are opened to effortlessly access more of your untapped ability to learn, recall, and create new ideas.

Deep Learning
The Theta brain wave state allows the brain to absorb and retain massive amounts of information. When you need to study and assimilate new information, relax and listen to Deep Learning. Within minutes, memory receptors are gently stimulated as precision-engineered frequencies shift your brain into perfect balance. The clarity and speed with which you can concentrate, study, and integrate and store information is profoundly improved. 

High Focus
With High Focus you can easily reach high-performance brain states, ideal for increasing cognition and focusing on any task. Your brain waves will become organized into a state of “high-coherence.” Suddenly you’ll feel your mind focusing like a laser beam as your brain releases catecholamines, which boost your learning and memory skills.