She wants to steal the ring. He wants to steal her heart.

You are cordially invited to a crime extravaganza: two con artists join forces to pull off a huge scam, posing as a couple at the poshest wedding in town.

Single, broke, and about to be kicked out of her London flat, Cat feels out of touch with her friends, who all seem to be getting married, having kids, and generally moving on with their lives. Driven to desperate ends by a recent spate of expensive destination weddings, Cat has turned to picking the pockets of her fellow guests—but only if they get handsy or otherwise deserve it. And no one is any the wiser, except for bartender Jake, who has his own less-than-legal side hustle.

When her best frenemy Louisa announces her engagement to one of the wealthiest men in London, Cat is of course invited to attend. Newly unemployed, she can’t help but notice that Louisa’s priceless engagement ring sure would solve a lot of her problems. But a jewel heist is bigger than anything she has ever attempted, and so she recruits Jake to be her plus-one. 

From a lavish engagement party on the Thames to a bachelorette weekend in Palermo, Cat and Jake play cat and mouse with each other and their marks in a romantic charade for the ages. But who’s to say what’s real and what’s fake, when love and money are on the line?