A collection of the best and most popular programs from the Golden Age of Radio, digitally remastered, and including performances from some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, like Charles Boyer, Mickey Rooney, John Wayne, and many more.

Volume 34: Audio Table of Contents:

Barrie Craig, Confidential Investigator
“Death of a Private Eye” starring William Gargan (1/2/52)
Box Thirteen
“The Insurance Swindle” starring Alan Ladd (10/24/47)

The Charlie McCarthy Show 
starring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy with special guest, Charles Boyer (1/5/47)
The Great Gildersleeve
“Matchmaker” starring Hal Peary (1/25/42)
“The Kentucky Tolmans” starring William Conrad (8/9/52)
The Halls of Ivy
“The Snowman” starring Ronald and Benita Colman (2/10/50)
I Was a Communist for the FBI
“American Kremlin” starring Dana Andrews (6/11/52)

The Jack Benny Program
“Prepares for His TV Show” starring Jack Benny (5/13/51)
Life with Luigi
“Chicago Telephone Company” starring J. Carrol Naish (2/6/49)
The Man Called X
“Arctic Expedition” starring Herbert Marshall (4/3/47)
The Philco Radio Time
starring Bing Crosby with guest, Mickey Rooney (1/8/47)
Rocky Jordan
“The Lady from Tangiers” starring George Raft (7/4/51)
Rogue’s Gallery
“The Star of Savoy” starring Dick Powell (6/23/46)
The Roy Rogers Show
“Gang of Counterfeiters” starring Roy Rogers (11/9/51)
The Screen Director’s Playhouse 
“Stagecoach” starring John Wayne (1/9/49)
Straight Arrow
“Crooked Trail” starring Howard Culver (7/18/49)