The final days of the American presence in Afghanistan bring Adam Hayes a summons he can't ignore in the latest electrifying thriller from the world of Robert Ludlum.

Adam Hayes has stepped away from the field for the last time. He's promised his wife that he won't put his life on the line any more, and there's nothing that will make him break a promise to his wife. 
Well...almost nothing. With America withdrawing from Afghanistan and the Taliban closing in, Abdul Nassir reached out to his old partner, Hayes. Ten years ago, Nassir saved the American's life, and the time has come for repayment. The Afghan is desperate to get his family out of the country. Like most of his countrymen, he scared of the Taliban, but he also can't trust the Americans. His daughter is an eyewitness to a massacre committed by a rogue team of CIA contractors. That only leaves one man who can be trusted to get them out of the country--Adam Hayes.