One minute you can't live without them . . . the next minute you don't want them breathing your air! Siblings everywhere will relate to this humorous look at famous brothers and sisters whose important bonds have shaped their accomplishments . . . (mostly) for the better.

They blame you when they get in trouble. They seem like your parents' favorite. They are the only enemy you can't live without. Almost everyone has a juicy story about their siblings--even famous people. Meet those who got along, those who didn't, and everyone in between!

  • Demi Lovato and her sister
  • Tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams
  • Walt and Roy Disney
  • Princes William and Harry
  • Stephen Colbert and his eleven older siblings
  • Quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning
  • The Jacksons (Michael, Janet, and family)
  • Reality TV sensations, the Gosselins
  • Queen Elizabeth I and the queen who history remembers as Bloody Mary
  • Conjoined twins Chang and Eng Bunker
  • John Wilkes Booth (the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln) and his brother Edwin
  • Vincent and Theo van Gogh
  • Airplane inventors, the Wright brothers
  • The Romanovs
  • The Kennedys

  • Oh, brother! This could get ugly. . . .