Once and future. Twice and past. A remarkable Arthurian saga begins.

The year is 1199 and on the borders of England and Wales young Arthur de Caldicot waits impatiently to grow up and become a knight. One day his father's friend Merlin gives Arthur a shining black stone - a seeing stone - that shows him visions of his namesake, King Arthur. At first, there seems to be no connection between Arthurs past and present. Manor life for Arthur de Calidicot is a complex struggle of terrible secrets and haunting jealousies. Nothing like the red and white dragons, or the sword in the stone. And yet . . . there is something binding the two Arthurs together.

In this many-layered novel, King Arthur is seen as a mysterious presence influencing not just one time and place but many. The 100 short chapters are like snapshots, not only of the mythic tales of King Arthur, but of the earthy, uncomfortable reality of the Middle Ages.
The Seeing Stone transports listeners to medieval England…Maloney narrates with an easily understandable British accent…excellent historical novel.”–Booklist, starred review
“Filled with stories viewed through Arthur's compassionate eyes and heard in Maloney's fully-voiced presentation--this subtle yet brilliant picture of life on a medieval manor leaves vivid images in our minds long after we've finished the book.”–AudioFile