Categories: Fiction - Dystopian
Against All Enemies warned about how we were conducting the war against terror. The Scorpion’s Gate demonstrated what could happen as a result. And now, America’s preeminent counterterrorism expert and number-one-bestselling author shows us all what might come next.

The global village–an intricately intertwined network of technology that binds together the world’s economies, governments, and communications. So large, so vital–and so fragile. Now a sophisticated group is seeking to “disconnect the globe,” destroying internet cable centers, computer grids, communications satellites, biotech firms. The major government agencies all lumber into action, but behind the scenes, the special projects office of the Intelligence Analysis Center knows that to catch unconventional terrorists requires unconventional methods.

A small team–smart, agile, and quick–immediately starts to sift through a welter of often contradictory information about right-wing militias, Russian organized crime, Jihadist terrorists, and enemy nation-states, chasing leads all across the country and overseas. But the attacks are coming more swiftly now, and growing in destructiveness. Soon, they will reach the breakpoint–and then there may be nothing anybody can do.

BREAKPOINT is filled with the technology being developed right now for a future just around the corner or in many cases already here–a technology certain to cause enormous political, social, and economic change. Will the changes be for better or worse? And what will happen then? The answers will surprise you. Sometimes you can tell more truth through fiction.