Hired by Marlene Cowley to find out whether her husband Trent is cheating on her, Spenser soon realizes that the two-timing husband has hired an investigator of his own. Even more shocking for Spenser is the discovery that the Cowleys are a part of an intimate circle that regularly tunes in to the talk-show host Darin O’Mara’s unconventional—and possibly deadly—views on cross-connubial relationships. To complicate matters even more, a murder occurs at Kinergy, where Trent is the CFO, sending Spenser in yet another direction as he attempts to connect the dots and determine just how individual depravity figures into corporate corruption and murder.
“Parker surrounds his hero with reliable friends and familiar foes to renew their vows to the codes of misconduct . . . laid down three decades ago.”—The New York Times Book Review