Fair Avalon, the Tree of Life
That ev’ry creature knows–
A world part Heaven and part Earth
And part what wind that blows.

Long ago, Merlin planted a magical seed that beat like a heart–a seed that grew into the Great Tree of Avalon. For centuries, this world has flourished as a land of wonder and mystery, a link between Heaven and Earth, a place where all creatures could live in harmony.
Now, though, Avalon reels from brutal attacks, mysterious droughts, and stranger evils yet. Then one night, just as the elusive Lady of the Lake predicted, all the stars in the sky suddenly go dark.
The fate of Avalon now rests with three young people: Tamwyn, a homeless wilderness guide; Elli, an escaped slave turned priestess; and Scree, an eagleman with a startling secret. One of them is the true heir of Merlin, the only person who can save Avalon…and one of them is the dreaded child of the Dark Prophecy, the person fated to destroy it.