All seems well in the city on Pinchester, but trouble is brewing at the Varmint Theater. Before he knows it, Hermux is hired not only to investigate a mysterious blackmailer, but to design the set for an upcoming show. As Hermux enters the dizzying world of the theater he finds himself in a whirlwind of distractions—among them an accidental foray into reality theater; trying to fight off flirty film director Brinx Lotelle’s shameless interest in Hermux’s girlfriend, Linka; coping with cosmetic queen Tucka Mertslin’s latest takeover schemes; and learning the mysterious ways of eccentric theater people.

Before long, Hermux is receiving threatening messages, and life at the theater is getting more and more dangerous. It’s up to Hermux to save the day, save the theater, protect his new friends, and get the girl—a lot for one mouse to handle even with a surprisingly talented pet ladybug in tow!