In this sweeping adventure story, Stephen E. Ambrose, the bestselling author of D-Day, presents the definitive account of one of the most momentous journeys in American history. Ambrose follows the Lewis and Clark Expedition from Thomas Jefferson’s hope of finding a waterway to the Pacific, through the heart-stopping moment of the actual trip, to Lewis’s lonely demise on the Natchez Trace. Along the way, Ambrose shows us the American West as Lewis saw it—wild-awesome, and pristinely beautiful. Undaunted Courage is a stunningly told action tale that will delight readers for generations.
Undaunted Courage is a work of love: rhapsodic and heroic.”—David M. Shribman, The Wall Street Journal
“A Swiftly moving, full-dress treatment of the expedition . . . A lively retelling of the journey of the two captains conveyed with passionate enthusiasm by Mr. Ambrose.”—Alvin M. Josephy, Jr., The New York Times Book Review
“A fine and important book, intelligently conceived and splendidly written.”—Blaine Harden, The Washington Post Book World