New on CD is the third collection of classic stories from Nate the Great and
his trusty companion Sludge.
Lost List: When Nate’s friend Claude’s grocery list is lost, Nate sets out to find it before
lunch. Sticky Case: A stegosaurus stamp belonging to Nate’s friend Claude disappears, and the indomitable Nate the Great is called in on the case. Fishy Prize: When the prize for the smartest pet contest disappears, it’s up to Nate and his dog, Sludge, to find the prize. Boring Beach Bag: Oliver’s boring blue beach bag is gone and Nate is on the case!
Stolen Base: Second base has gone missing. Nate’s hunt leads him to some strange places before he finds himself up at bat. Mushy Valentine: There is a big red paper heart taped to Sludge’s doghouse and Nate sets out to find who the valentine is from. Talks Turkey: A giant turkey is on the loose! This case is too big for just one detective. Nate,
Claude, Olivia and Sludge set out to catch the turkey. Hungry Book Club: There is an evil monster on the loose ripping pages out of books. Nate looks to the book club, book sale and librarian for clues.