Fortysomething and still single, Pia Jamison has given up her grandiose ideas on men and marriage but not motherhood. Her biological clock is on red alert, but she has no clue how to attract the man she needs to get the baby she wants. Help comes in the form of Pia’s savvy assistant, who tricks her boss into attending a flirting workshop called Weapons of Mass Seduction. There Pia meets Texas belle Florence Chase, and Rebecca Vossel, a twenty-two-year-old small-town biracial girl.

What they learn about the art of sensuality and flirtation turns them into bona fide bombshells. Florence reunites with her husband, but must now determine if she’s staying in her marriage out of happiness or habit. Rebecca has transformed herself into the supersexed “Becca,” but will she realize when she’s gone too far? And Pia is happily pregnant but unexpectedly falls in love–and not with the father of her unborn child.